Our Job

Today, let me give you a brief description of the Lenwood Park where we have been

holding BARF nights and where we will be giving a Memorial Day picnic for the community


When you first drive up, you see a partially complete chain-link fence. It’s partial

because a semi-truck rolled down the neighboring street (while the owner was inside a nearby house purchasing drugs) and crashed through the fence- leaving ripped-off metal post stubs in its place.

As you continue to get closer to the park you notice the complete absence of anything

green. The ground is covered mainly by sand and by the beautiful glitter of broken glass.

Looking out into the park you see a basketball court on one side, a small shade-structure in the

center, and boarded-up bathrooms on the right. In the back you can see a baseball backstop

ringed with trash and weeds caught in the chain-link fence. Finally, you will notice the many large tree trunks sticking up several feet all around the shade structure.

Walking around leaves dozens of goat heads stuck to the bottom of your shoes. This is not a

place where most of us would willingly go and recreate! However, God has placed the people of Lenwood and our team here for a purpose! Pastor Jeff reminded us of this as he preached today about the great commission Jesus has given us a job to fulfill in our Oikos, in our town, in our greater area of influence, and the world!

A day in the life of an IMVer here in Lenwood today looked like this: following breakfast

and clean-up time, we worshipped our Lord with the wonderful congregation here- continuing to get to know them on a more personal basis. Pastor Jeff preached a great message- thank you Pastor Jeff! We all agreed to sit separately, spreading ourselves out among the congregation.

Following service and lunch we wrapped up a few odds and ends around the church, put up signs for the Memorial Day picnic tomorrow, and then brought all our equipment over to Lenwood Park for more BARFing. A few of us shared our testimonies, then we cleaned up and headed back to the church to spend some time talking about what we have seen God doing, what our conversations with people have revealed, and what those things might mean for our job as followers of Christ the rest of the year. We all agreed that while we couldn’t be sure of how our impact might change lives here in Lenwood, we could be very sure of how Lenwood could change us!

Many times the greatest gift of serving is in how it can mold us into something more closely resembling Jesus Christ. We are grateful for the opportunity to grow, to be stretched, and to be useful for God. Of course, our hearts have been knit with many here in Lenwood and we pray that the jobs Christ has had for us will do a little watering or planting so that God might “give the increase”!

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