Discouraging Situation or Encouraging Trajectory?

Tony and his wife Lou-Anne have been married for over 18 years and have two children, the youngest is about 9 years old. Tony was recently diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and Lou-Anne works various odd jobs to help support the family. She doesn’t know what she

will do if she looses Tony- he is the rock of the family. They haven't been to church recently (Pastor Dave and Serena have been reaching out to them for a while) but as Pastor Jeff, Ellie, Maci, and Sonoma were driving to the park to set up for BARF, they spotted this special family walking away from the park. They quickly stopped to invite them to the event.

They came along with 60 other people! Would you classify this as a discouraging situation or encouraging trajectory?

Today was a day that was filled with the fruits of the Spirit as our team labored to prepare meals, clean, paint the entire sanctuary (Yay!), finish digging a trench, install home-made pavers, remove trash from the park, repair a cooler stand, put on BARF (Bring A Real Friend) night, have meaningful conversations with kids and adults at BARF Night, share testimonies, and put the sanctuary back together in time for service tomorrow (Phew!).

We see the possibility for discouragement here in Lenwood. It is a very poor community with high drug use and crime. People move in and out of the the community quickly. However, Pastor David and Serena choose to stay regardless of the discouraging situation because of the encouraging trajectory God has placed them on!

And guess what? If you are a follower of Christ, you are on this track as well!

We are here on this earth for a reason- not to make sure our house looks just so or to be comfortable or to achieve social success, but to bring Christ to people in a way that is real and meaningful!

Please pray for our IMV team to have strength and to show God’s love and God’s plan to people here in Lenwood, CA.

Please pray that Pastor David and Serena will be encouraged by the trajectory Christ brings to lives here in Lenwood, CA!

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